Winner! 2017 Summit Award for Best Commercial Contractors Project

Award-Winning Improvements to Lee County Waste-to-Energy Facility

On a daily basis, more than 500 garbage trucks enter the Lee County Resource Recovery Facility to deliver solid waste to the plant. In fact, every piece of household garbage collected in Lee and Hendry Counties eventually ends up there to be sorted for reusable and recyclable materials. The lowest-value waste is brought to the Waste-to-Energy plant in Lee County.

Lee County’s Waste-to-Energy facility converts household garbage to electricity through combustion at temperatures above 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. However, after 20 years of consistently heavy usage, traffic and age, Lee County recognized the pressing need for improved infrastructure.

Scale House No. 2 and Fleet Building Addition

In 2017, the county partnered with DEC Contracting Group, Inc. for this $1.3 Million venture. DEC’s experienced contractors completed all onsite construction activities without any disruption to the facility’s normal daily operations. The project’s scope included the construction of a second scale house, located between an inbound and outbound truck scale lane, as well as an expansion to the existing fleet building.

The eye-catching design called for a 130-foot arched roof to cover both the existing and the new scale houses. A true feat of engineering, this shade structure required a massive, 12-foot by 4-foot concrete foundation, 12-foot steel columns encased in four-foot diameter concrete and 40-foot by 4-foot flat steel girders. Comprised of hot-dipped, galvanized and coated materials, the large steel edifice now provides much-needed shelter for the facility operators and truck drivers.

Following its completion, the project garnered praise for its excellent design and workmanship. In fact, DEC Contracting Group, Inc. received the 2017 Summit Award for Best Commercial Contractors Project in honor of its work at the Lee County Resource Recovery Facility.

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