DEC Delivers on Building Renovation for Supervisor of Elections

Who was tasked with two buildings to renovate, 240 days and $1.8 million to complete it? DEC Contracting Group, Inc., of course! The Supervisor of Elections chose this Southwest Florida community partner for the large-scale interior renovation of its Collier County office in 2016.

The first step of the project required extensive demolition work. The knowledgeable team from DEC Contracting Group, Inc. replaced all metal framework, doors, hardware and drywall. Our contractors also installed overhead doors, and an acoustical ceiling with insulation and floor covering to dampen sound. Plus, the team handled all mechanical, plumbing and electrical work such as the installation of a low-voltage kilowatt generator and all fire alarms and sprinklers. The building’s finishing touches – carpet, paint and baseboards – established a bright, neutral color palette for election workers to stay focused on the important tasks at hand.

The combined total of 32,000 square feet puts this space at just 4,000 feet shy of a standard baseball field. Thankfully, DEC Contracting Group, Inc. knocked this project out of the park – on time, on budget and with its signature professionalism and excellent customer experience.

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