Aquatic Center at Donna Fiala Eagle Lakes Community Park

New Aquatic Complex Makes a Splash at Donna Fiala Eagle Lakes Community Park

In 2019, Southwest Florida averaged 55.9 inches of rain. It’s also the region that sees the most lightning strikes in the country, according to scientists at the University of Alabama and NASA. For that reason, most Southwest Florida residents know that, when you’re in the swimming pool and thunder starts to rumble, it’s time to get to safety before the lightning arrives.

Unfortunately, when you are constructing a swimming pool, the rumble of thunder and ensuing rainstorm usually results in disruptions to your carefully planned logistics. After all, it’s dangerous to work on a roof while storm winds are blowing. Flood waters can prevent road access to construction sites, damage drywall or electrical work, cause a wall to collapse or prevent concrete from drying and forming a strong, solid foundation as it cures.

Despite ongoing challenges from seasonal thunderstorms, DEC Contracting Group took a deep dive into construction efforts on an aquatic center for the Donna Fiala Eagle Lakes Community Park. The facility project included a heated pool, children’s activity pool, wading pool, a one-meter springboard and a three-meter springboard. There’s also the pool deck, which is solidly constructed with concrete architectural details. It offers 28 sunshades that provide guests with much-needed relief from the sun’s rays. But if you ask the families who spend their weekends laughing by the pool, the most popular additions are the new 122-foot closed waterslide and its companion, a 177-foot open waterslide.

The team also constructed four freestanding buildings within the complex. The main pavilion features a restroom, showers, lockers and administrative offices, as well as space for IT and security equipment. A second pool pavilion offers shade and include fans to help visitors stay cool. Meanwhile, the lifeguard station provides a break room, restrooms, lockers and utility space with storage for swimming pool staff. The final building houses equipment such as pool pumps, chemical storage, tanks, control equipment and IT security features.

Rain or no rain, it’s safe to say that the project made a big splash for the Collier County Parks and Recreation team!

Aquatic Center Amenities

  • Aquatic Complex

  • Community Center

  • Meeting Room

  • Fitness Center

  • Picnic Shelter

  • Restrooms

  • Lighted Playground

  • Lighted Baseball Field

  • Lighted Softball Field

  • Lighted Basketball Court

  • Two Lighted Soccer and Football Fields

  • One-Mile Paved Pathway for Walking and Running

  • 2.5-Miles Nature Trail

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