Meet Florida’s Leading Construction Professionals

The people behind the name DEC Contracting are what make it special. The leadership team has grown to include some of the most experienced professionals in Florida’s commercial construction industry. Together, they have proven their merit in delivering projects with both integrity and precision.

CEO of DEC Contracting Group, Regina Dunn understands the importance of accuracy, attention to detail, customer service and teamwork.

Regina “Gina” Dunn

CEO | Phone: 239-332-4322 Ext 103
With a 20-year banking career spanning from entry level to SVP, Gina learned the importance of accuracy, attention to detail, customer service and teamwork. She has worked in a variety of positions spanning from deposit operations, loan operations and residential construction financing. As CEO of DEC Contracting Group, Gina manages the company operations and human resource responsibilities. She is a Southwest Florida native who has seen the abundant growth that lends to an understanding of the role that a solid construction company has to support the construction demands in our region. Every day, Gina strives to be efficient, honest and dedicated to excellence in construction.
DEC Contracting Group Leadership Team Member Douglas R. Masch II has an expansive portfolio as a Florida State-certified general contractor.

Douglas R. Masch II

President | Phone: 239-332-4322 Ext 102
With a commercial construction career dating back to 2005, Doug led multiple million-dollar projects including major retail, government and office work at previous employment. Since then, he has continued to build his portfolio as a Florida State-certified general contractor (CGC) with DEC Contracting Group. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from Purdue University and has worked as a Project Manager and Project Supervisor during his career.

Erika (Bodenstein) Alvarez

Vice President | Phone: 239-332-4322 Ext 105
As Vice President, Erika has more than 7 years of construction industry experience managing projects from the design phase to project completion. In her role, she maintains critical path, cost controls, subcontractors’ relationships, submittal management and contract negotiations. In addition to project management, Erika also oversees business development and is responsible for the company’s marketing strategy, which includes creating and maintaining good working relationships with owners & subcontractors. She graduated with a Marketing and Operations Management Major and Advertising Minor from Florida Gulf Coast University.

Project Supervisors

Project Supervisor Patrick Elek of DEC Contracting Group is innovative, professional and dependable!

Patrick elek

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Christopher Freeman

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Brad Ninkovich

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