Special Awards

2018 Collier BIA  Sand Dollar Award Recipient

Best Commercial Project ranging from $1,000,001- $3,000,000- Youth Haven Shelter Transitional Living Home- “Rob’s Cottage”

Youth Haven is Southwest Florida’s emergency residential shelter for boys and girls ages 6-18 who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. Children coming to Youth Haven are severely traumatized and in crisis. Youth Haven is an immediate lifeline of safety, love and compassion for innocent children in crisis and first step in a long journey back to trust, confidence and joy.

Youth Haven provides three programs: The Child and Family Counseling Center, The Emergency Shelter, and the Homeless Teen and Transitional Living Program.

Rob’s Cottage was constructed for Youth Haven and is a facility for homeless youth in the Homeless Teen and Transitional Living Program (HTTLP).  Rob’s cottage was constructed from the ground up and consists of CMU interior and exterior walls, impact doors & windows and concrete tile roof. Interior features include stucco that provides a durable surface, luxury vinyl tile, graffiti resistant wall tile, a huge kitchen, pantry, study / computer area, living room, sitting area, staff office, utility room with washers & dryers, ADA restrooms, dining room, covered patio and five bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. The propane powered generator provides a sense of comfort that the facility will be able to operate through times of distress.

The campus of Youth Haven remained open during the construction of Rob’s Cottage and the facility was constructed between two existing and occupied cottages. Children were commonly present, interested in the construction and playing outside of the construction fence. Workers always had to remain vigilant  especially while entering and leaving the campus.

Homeless Teen and Transitional Living Program provides intensive case management with a strengths-based approach that meets the individual needs of the youth and encourages them to set and pursue their own goals.  With a positive youth development perspective, young people are encouraged to have a voice and participate in community living.  The focus is on empowering youth so that they can develop to their full potential.  To address the various developmental, educational, emotional, social, physical, and mental health needs of homeless youth, the program utilizes individual service plans and offers life skills classes that promote independence and housing readiness.

Youth Haven is Collier County’s only emergency residential shelter for children and teens ages 6-18 who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. Rob’s Cottage is financed in part by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Collier County Community and Human Services Division.

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Best Public Works ranging from $1,000,001- $3,000,000- Collier County Courthouse First Floor Renovation

Collier County 1st Floor Courthouse renovations consisted of two phases. Phase I construction of new probation offices and Phase II new courtroom 1C. Phase I consisted of selective demolition to the existing traffic waiting area, cashier station and misc. office areas. Demolition activities involved complete removal of walls, ceilings, floor finishes, HVAC and shoring of an interior load bearing CMU wall supporting the mechanical mezzanine above and installation of tube steel columns to the grade beam 5.5’ below finished floor. The renovation portion of phase I created new individual offices, break room & waiting area for the probation department and the installation of a one-hour fire rated stainless steel door and countertop. Which was vast improvement over their cramped maze of cubicles that they previously resided in across the hall. The new individual offices allow the probation officers to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to have their own space and conduct interviews with their parolees.

Phase II selective demolition to the maze of cubicles in probation offices involved complete demolition of existing wall, ceiling, flooring, HVAC, etc. Courtroom 1C is a complete ADA compliant courtroom on all levels from the gallery, attorneys, jurors, witness stand, judge bench, jury deliberation and restrooms. The exquisite rich woodwork and wall panels to the natural stone counter top and Key Stone Coral behind the judges bench provides a rich professional feel coupled with a touch of Florida Keys.

There were multiple challenges of this project that we had to consider and find creative ways to address these challenges. One of the major challenges was that we were working in an occupied and fully functioning courthouse. This does not allow for any loud noise or disruption to the daily courthouse operations. Depending on the scope of work and activities taking place we worked differing hours i.e. early morning, early evening, night and weekend work. Being that the courthouse was operational all workers were required to pass background checks and be issued badges prior to working in the courthouse. The plans required us to connect to existing electrical circuits, with the courthouse being approx. 30 years old and multiple previous renovations completed made this a very challenging task. We were able to locate the correct circuits and make the required connections while keeping the courthouse operational with no down time.

We were able to overcome many challenges and provide a high quality project on-time and under budget.

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2017 Summit Award Recipient

Public Works $0-1.9 Million- Scale House No. 2 and Fleet Addition-

A second Scale house was added to the Lee County Waste to Energy Plant between an inbound and outbound truck scale lane. On a daily basis five hundred plus garbage trucks enter this facility to deliver solid waste to the plant. Construction activities were performed during regular work hours, off hours, and weekends without any disruption to normal daily operations. One of the highlights of this project was constructing a 130 foot free spanning arched roof structure with standing seam metal roof panels, covering both the existing and new scale houses including all inbound and outbound lanes providing much needed shelter for the facility operators and truck drivers. This roof structure was supported by massive 12 foot x 12 foot x 4 foot thick concrete foundations with 12 x 12 steel columns encased in 4 foot diameter concrete and 40 foot by 4 foot tall flat steel girders. All components of this large steel structure were hot dipped galvanized coated material.

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Best Commercial Contractors Project

Public Works $2-4.9 Million- Collier County Sheriff’s Substation-

Construction of ground- up substation. CMU construction, impact windows, generator, septic system, RO water treatment, metal roof, bullet resistant walls glazing & doors.

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